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Really look around you and see who is there.  When I started my journey, I was essentially alone in my desire to feel better and my goal was to be able to buy clothes from a regular store.  That was my ultimate vision!  Now I am in a completely different place with a new, fresh, more powerful mind set.  I was speaking to a woman at the gym a few weeks ago that was about the size I was back in 2010.  She was just getting started with her healing process.  She asked a question that triggered an in-depth conversation about our past struggles and she was shocked when I told her I used to be 300 pounds.  She asked, “How did you do it”? My answer is always the same, “hard work, patience with myself, and personal support”.  There are many pillars involved with success but the topic here is personal support.

There are varying degrees and styles of support.  Your personal needs will change as you progress and as the vision of yourself and your path adjust to the moment.  I went through 3 major support levels.  At the beginning of my exploration I was on my own!  The I was surrounded by those that provided as much emotional support as anyone could ever ask for but simultaneously, surrounded me with fresh baked goods and comfort food.  My current level of support is as good as it gets!  My partner makes sure I have everything I need to succeed.  He understands fitness and the dedication it takes!

When I was starting this path alone my goal consisted of being able to buy clothes from a regular store.  At the time it seemed like a big deal and when I managed to reach that check point I stagnated.  Alone I was not able to see the potential I had.  If you do not envision your future then how can you reach it.  This is one of the reasons you need people that know and care about you.  If you stand at the base of mount hood how far will you climb if you are on your own?  If someone knows where you are but is unable to be by your side, you will push harder and feel safer.  But think for just a moment, what if you have someone that not only holds your hand but carries the climbing ropes and the ability to catch you if you fall and lift you when you’re struggling. 

Alone I was able to do the baby steps but since I couldn’t even see the possibility of reaching the peak I didn’t set goals that would get me there.  Once I was surrounded by those that deeply care about my wellbeing my steps grew but I was carrying all of my own equipment and slipping on the ice.  Sometimes I slid miles backwards, went home, took a break and when I was ready to try again I went back to mountain and started climbing the same part of the path that I had already conquered.   Regaining one’s health is not always direct and the struggles are what make us strong enough to go further.

Now, the goals I am setting are much bigger than I ever imagined they could be when this whole process began but it took someone to push me to see what was possible.  It isn’t just any push though, it took someone who knows fitness, knows his own value and could see what I could become before I could see it myself.  It took positive feedback from someone I value and respect.  Now I am setting goals concerning the amount of weight I can lift and how fast I can run. I am not standing on the top of the mountain yet but I can feel it.  I’m breathing in possibility and exhaling doubt.

What each of us needs is different.  There is no prescription, which is why I push searching within yourself.  Figure out what you need to succeed and reach out.

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