The Journey Never Ends

No matter if your issue is weight loss, addiction, mental health or any other struggle the journey will never end. It is important to remember when you reach that final goal thinking the journey is over, getting careless is your new biggest enemy. It is really easy to backslide. Before you know it you’ve gained 20 pounds or smoked a pack of cigarettes.

For me, as soon as I reached 155 pounds I thought I was in a place were it was OK to eat that extra piece of pizza or have a bowl of ice cream. Skipping a gym day didn’t seem like anything to be concerned about either. I kept telling myself, I’ll pay attention tomorrow. One day won’t hurt. Before I knew it I gained 20 pounds and was still saying the same thing to myself. I’ll start again tomorrow.

We need to never forget how much work it took to reach the summit. Maintaining is hard and it is important not to beat ourselves up when we make an error in judgement. This is one of the biggest reasons I think we all need support from others. We need someone to say it is OK to not be perfect as well as be encouraging when we thrive.

One of my friends, years ago, encouraged me to create a picture journal of my journey thus far. I have to say that was one of the best ideas ever proposed. I look back at the old me and barely recognize myself. It brings back the memory of how I felt physically and emotionally and I find it a great reminder to never forget. I suggest to do the same to everyone that has been through or is working on transformation.

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